B.S.O.T. Basic Security Officer Training Academy - Master Instructors:

The B.S.O.T. Online Training Academy wants to welcome you to a new way of doing security training. Our training instructors bring over 20+ years and over 10,000 hours of professionalizes security experience to our online training programs. Many security academies just certify you in the use of the equipment but our training provides the knowledge you need to become a security professional. Our training will provide you with an understanding of liability when working as a security officer.

Our expertise range from entry control specialist to executive protection officer but not limited to the private security industry. Our instructors have trained hundreds of security professionals throughout California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington State, Florida and Virginia. Our instructors have experienced every aspect of the physical security arena.

Our certified instructors are professional and routinely continue training to stay up to date on all new changes in the security industry. Are certification include defense tactic, active shooter awareness, report writing, blood borne pathogens, and security officer responsibility, plus training in basic handcuffing, searches and arrest for security officers, and advances protection training and more.

Our instructors are certified as Fugitive Recovery Agents by the National Association of Investigative Specialists, certified by Risk Management School Security Officer Academy, certified by APi Training Academy for Security Officer Awareness and firearms training, and APi Campus Security Officer Training, Administration of Justice POST (Police Officer Standard of Training), certified CPR/First Aid and AED trained, Community Emergency Response Team certified (CERT), certified concealed pistol licensed for 34 states, certified Black Belt instructor, certified Nonviolent Crisis Intervention De-Escalation Trained, Taser International (X26) certified, MOAB Management of Aggressive Behavior certified instructor, and our instructors have received training from United States Marshals and the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement instructors in defense tactic and other relative fields.

B.S.O.T. Academy instructors will provide you with training to become a professional security officer, and use the highest level of Professionalism, Reliability, Dedication, and Experience possible. B.S.O.T. Academy believes that its most important function as "Professional Security Officer Instructors" is "Providing Security Officers with the best Knowledge available!"

Recent Accomplishments:
  • Coordinated the training of over 2,500 plus Security Officers assigned in California and 14 surrounding states including Hawaii
  • Coordinated the training of over 1,500 plus students in Self Defense, Defense Tactics and Close Quarter Fighting
  • Maintains and coordinates training programs for several Private Security Companies in 14 different US states- To include mall Security and Courtroom entry control
  • Coordinated the training for 2 different Security Training Academy
  • Coordinated the training during the start up of four Private Security Companies in California

  • Education/Certifications:
  • The National Association of Investigative Specialists, Fugitive Recovery Agent Certified
  • Risk Management School Security Officer Academy, Certified
  • S.G.A.T. (Security Guard Advanced Training) Security Management Certified
  • APi Training Academy, Security Officer Training Certified
  • APi Campus Security Officer Training, Advanced Security Training Certified
  • Administration of Justice, (POST) Police Officer Standard of Training
  • Defense Tactics Instructor, Police Department (for Security Personal) Certified
  • Over 9,000 plus hours of security training
  • World Taekwondo Federation Certified Black Belt instructor

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  • B.S.O.T. Academy certifies all graduates in BSOT Academy training only. Graduates wishing to attain state certification must take and pass any applicable exams/tests. This is a good source for references. State and local restrictions may apply. Additional training may be required.