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BSOT Advance Security Training Academy:

BSOT Academy Advanced Security Training Program course provides (40) hours of professional security officer training. This course consists of 40 more hours of online training you take after completing the full BSOT Security Officer Training Academy, consisting of two hundred (200) hours of security training.

BSOT Academy - Course Description:

These courses consist of Drug Impairment Training, Internet Search Intel Techniques, Interviewing Techniques, BSOT Advance Security Officer Training Course, Security and Threat Awareness Training, plus practical application training in Communication, Liability & Legal Aspects.

This training course far exceeds the states required 8 to 40 hours of security awareness training for your guard card. Our training puts you miles ahead of the rest.

BSOT Security Training Academy Professional Security Training at it's BEST!

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B.S.O.T. Academy certifies all graduates in BSOT Academy training only. Graduates wishing to attain state certification must take and pass any applicable exams/tests. This is a good source for references. State and local restrictions may apply. Additional training may be required.