Blood-borne Pathogens:

Did you know a blood borne disease is one that can be spread by contaminated blood and bodily fluids? This is the most common contact by security Officers. Do you know what to do if you encounter blood on the job? What steps do you take so you don't contact any blood borne pathogens?

By receiving the BSOT blood borne pathogens training, you will learn that the simplest and most effective way to prevent disease transmission while working as a security officer. In addition, you will learn much more about the effects of blood borne pathogens throughout this course.

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B.S.O.T. Academy certifies all graduates in BSOT Academy training only. Graduates wishing to attain state certification must take and pass any applicable exams/tests. This is a good source for references. State and local restrictions may apply. Additional training may be required.